Monday, 5 December 2016

Two Festive Events!!!

There are two events coming very soon to get you all into the seasonal spirit. Details are below - please share this information widely with your family and friends!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Tree Festival - 3/12/16

The Christmas Tree Festival and mini Christmas market is this Saturday! We're really looking to seeing many of you from 11am-3pm!

The trees are are being decorated by local community organisations - come and celebrate the life of our community rounded off with a mini Christmas market with all sorts of goodies available and fun and craft actives for all ages!

This will be the perfect way to get you into the seasonal spirit!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

John Rutter's Requiem - 20th November 2016

We are delighted to be welcoming 'home' as it were the Chiltern Hundreds Bach Choir accompanied by the Chorleywood Chamber Orchestra. Together they will lead us in worship in a special Sung Eucharist at 6.00pm on 20th November.

Everyone is welcome to join us to what will be, as ever, beautiful music used in its correct setting.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Remembrance Sunday - 13th November 2016

Our Remembrance Sunday Services are as follows this year:

St Peter's Mill End
8.00am Said Service of Holy Communion
10.15am We Will remember Them - A Service of Remembrance

St Thomas' West Hyde
10.15am We Will remember Them - A Service of Remembrance

St John's Heronsgate
10.15am We Will remember Them - A Service of Remembrance

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Our Worship

Following our worship consultation which we have been running since the APCM in April please be aware of 2 things:

1. Parish Services (when we worship as a Parish family) are moving from 4th Sundays to 5th Sundays. The first occasion that this will happen on will be Sunday 30th October when we will gather at 10.30am at St Thomas' West Hyde. ON that day as part of our worship, we will give thanks to God for 30 years faithful service by Anne Peat as a Reader, but also of Readers in our parish but also the ministry of all God's people. Please do join us on what will be All Saints Sunday for our worship.
2. In November the times of our services are changing. These changes are as a direct result of the feedback, forms and conversations we have had with many of you. Therefore please be aware that on Sundays our pattern of worship will be as follows:
8.00am service at St Peter's
9.30am service at St Thomas'
10.00am service at St John's
10.30am service at St Peter's
Where there is a 5th Sunday in the month *from November onwards*, the worship will be at the same time as the service at that local church.
Please take note of these new times. Please pray for our each other as we try this new pattern (which will include both Eucharistic and Non Eucharistic worship) for a period of 6 months initially; and please pray for your Readers and Clergy and soon to be licensed Lay Leader of Worship as we seek to provide acts of worship at the same time each week that meet our need to meet with each other and with God.

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Mission Is Dead! Long Live The Mission! New Groups and Chances To Learn

You probably have heard the expression ‘The King is dead! Long live the King!’ It was apparently first used in France following the death of King Charles VI and the accession to the throne of his son Charles VII in 1422. The old order is over. Let the new order begin.

The mission is dead! Long live the mission! could be a variant we could use. Our GROW mission week is concluded some 18 months after the idea was first banded around and prayed about. But whilst those involved in so many ways in the lead up to and during the week itself might be pleased that things are now concluded in reality our work as churches and as individual Christians is only just beginning as we seek to follow the God who is already ahead of us in mission.

The mission is dead! Long live the mission. Following our GROW week’s events there are several opportunities to become aware of: some which happened for the first time during the week and 2 are two new opportunities to discover more about the Christian faith.

Pints of View - we got to the gents of the parish together over a curry during GROW, now we're going to meet for a drink. We look forward to seeing you.

Ladies meal - ladies you gathered for a delicious meal at Dolce Caffè during GROW - it's happening again but book soon!

Alpha - some of you will have heard of or maybe been to Alpha before. This is the course rebooted for the 21st Century with new videos and renewed teaching.

START - 6 short sessions discussing the meaning  of life and faith

The week is over but the work begins. We really look forward to seeing you at some of these and other events - details of which will become available soon!